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Tommy – The Who’s first-ever digital box set app

Enjoy an amazing journey with The Who’s Tommy app       To complement the recently released in Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions of ‘Tommy’, Universal Music Catalogue have collaborated with developers MODO to produce a brand new iPad digital box set application.   You can now download the app for free and, if you […]

The Who participate in new Planet Rock series

    Planet Rock is bringing it the power of the Long Player back to the masses with the launch of a brand new series.   ‘Planet Rock Plays It In Full’ will showcase legendary rock albums in their entirety; no jingles, no commercials, no DJ.  Just the full album, beginning to end as the […]

The Who release 2 more Tommy tracks, vintage 1969

    We found an unreleased concert from Ottawa 1969 in our vaults, when all tapes from that tour were thought to have been destroyed. There was a complete performance of Tommy save for ‘I’m Free’, ‘Tommy’s Holiday Camp’ and ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’, which were probably lost during tape changeover at the show. […]

The Who ‘Tommy’ Pop Up and Pinball Arcade

  THE WHO “TOMMY” POP-UP SHOP AND PINBALL ARCADE  BE THE “PINBALL WIZARD” AND WIN A SIGNED FENDER  EXCLUSIVE SIGNED ARTWORK, PRETTY GREEN PARKA, BOXSETS TO BE WON   To celebrate the release on 11th November of The Who’s defining rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind pinball playing boy in Deluxe and Super […]