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Storms and people passing

  The big storm passed through, not too bad where I live in London, but Rob Lee our webmaster lives by the sea on the south coast and I was worried for him. The storm ended a tumultous few weeks.    Several people important to me have passed away. Peter Kay, a friend and chef […]

Tour Diary: June 10th, 2013 – Dublin

  So we played Dublin and Edge from U2 suggested Roger and I adjust our clothing. More on that later.   It’s been fabulous weather here and that has raised the spirits of all the people we’ve met. The crowd was terrific, and the show was pretty good. Despite the solid commitment to Quadrophenia displayed […]

TOUR DIARY – November 14, 2012

TEEN CANCER AMERICA   Wow! Roger did such a powerful and passionate presentation yesterday at the National Press Club Luncheon in Washington, DC that it brought tears to my eyes. Much of what he said was as new to me as it was to the audience. For me, Teenage Cancer has always been about raising […]