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November 13, 2013

The Who participate in new Planet Rock series


planet rock


Planet Rock is bringing it the power of the Long Player back to the masses with the launch of a brand new series.


‘Planet Rock Plays It In Full’ will showcase legendary rock albums in their entirety; no jingles, no commercials, no DJ.  Just the full album, beginning to end as the artist intended it to be played.


With unrivalled access to rock royalty, Planet Rock will also bring you an introduction to each album from the band or artist themselves. Over the coming weeks, The Who revisit ‘Tommy’, Jimmy Page discusses Led Zeppelin’s ‘Led Zeppelin IV’, Meatloaf recalls ‘Bat Out of Hell’ and in the first show Roger Waters talks about Pink Floyd’s classic album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’.


‘Planet Rock Plays It In Full’ will air on Monday nights at 11pm GMT. ‘Tommy’ will be aired in full on Monday, November 18th.










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