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October 28, 2013

Pete Townshend blog entry: Storms and people passing….


The big storm passed through, not too bad where I live in London, but Rob Lee our webmaster lives by the sea on the south coast and I was worried for him. The storm ended a tumultuous few weeks. 


Several people important to me have passed away. Peter Kay, a friend and chef who designed my kitchen passed away a few weeks ago leaving three daughters. He worked for the footballer Tony Adams charity Sporting Chance for many years. He was a lovely man who had health problems all his life. He passed peacefully. 


Then it was Phoebe, the Irish woman who was one of the first group to come to Erin Pizzey’s Chiswick Women’s Aid – the Richmond house that Keith Moon visited, and that helped kick off Double O, the Who’s charity. Erin came from Ireland with eleven children, and was regarded as something of a saint in Brentford where she lived and died. 


Then David Hooper passed away. He was the caretaker and watchman at Eel Pie Oceanic for many years; he had to stop work when he was hit by a truck on a pedestrian crossing and lost his leg. He managed to end a life of hard drinking in time to be a support to his estranged daughter when she was taken seriously ill ten years ago. 


Yesterday I heard about the passing of Lou Reed. I’d been thinking about him after meeting Jean Michel Jarre last Saturday. He is a friend of Lou and Laurie Anderson. My heart goes out to Laurie whom I met briefly when Lou played with me at Rachel Fuller’s ATTIC JAM at Joe’s Pub in NYC. Lou seemed to have fun that night, and it was wonderful and easy for me to perform with this clear-sighted musician who I had expected to be so difficult. 


Finally, yesterday, I learned than Bhau Kalchuri, the Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India, had passed away on Wednesday. Bhau was a good friend to me, and this week has been a strange one for me, with many swerves and ups and downs, and it didn’t surprise me when I heard he had died. Many Who fans will know I have been a follower of Meher Baba since 1967. Sometimes I am unsure of the sanity of believing that Meher Baba is God in human form, as he claimed. But Anita Viellard, a light-hearted and glamorous Parisian artist I knew very well, told Baba “We don’t mind you thinking you are God, we just love you anyway.” 


So we had our little storm here in the UK. Nothing like Hurricane Sandy, but we know you are thinking about us just as we thought of you on the East Coast. I am very much alive. I hope Rob Lee still has a roof on his house, it is just 25 yards from the beach.


Pete Townshend, October 28, 2013









85 Responses to Pete Townshend blog entry: Storms and people passing….

Stephane says: October 29, 2013 at 6:13 pm

salut Pete
Il y à des jours comme ça, où tout un tas de personnes que vous connaissez disparaissent, c’est fou, mais c’est la vie. une tempête c’est toujours difficile, et si on peux passer à travers et bien tant mieux. Pas trop de dégâts à The Wick ?. Bonne continuation Pete, en attendant d’avoir des nouvelles….
Stephane SCHMITT

CourseWho says: October 29, 2013 at 9:02 am

We have had some trouble of that storm too, here in The Netherlands, but much less than in South-West England. I’m sorry about all those losses Pete, it must be quite a difficult time. Fortunately, you and Roger are still with us!

lorraine Townsend says: October 29, 2013 at 6:05 am

You are a truly amazing man, god bless you and all who matter to you. P.s thank for visiting Manchester this year just so that my daughters had the chance to see the who live, unforgettable amazing experience so once again thank you. Xxxx

Bob Mossman says: October 29, 2013 at 5:42 am

Hi Pete:
Interesting about Bhau’s passing and the human and weather whirlwinds that accompanied it. Felt the same here on the east coast of Canada over those few days last week. Loved your quote from Anita regarding Baba. Had never hear that one before. Would have liked to have had the opportunity to meet her. Great work the team is doing with the MB Film Archives.
Have been losing dear friends too. Just a part of being 67.
Take care and all the best.
Love in Him,

Greg Emerson says: October 29, 2013 at 3:32 am

I have loved your music since I was 5 years old….I will always be grateful to my older brother Charles for playing your music and Rush, etc! I am sorry to read your blog, this is perhaps the hardest part of living. I work with people and horses, and Pete if you ever read this, look into blue green algae, for your health! In the end, health care is self care I hope with all my heart you find this for you and your family. Health problems that face us today are largely due to over farming and weakening soils….without perfect soil, it is impossible to have perfect food, and therefore the most important mineral elements we need, micronutrients also called trace minerals are lacking. With constant love from a fan till the end! Greg (Toronto, Canada).


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