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17 Responses to Roger and Tommy

Dan Sparkman says: January 11, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Hi Roger! I have been a fan of the Who and yourself since my garage band started doing “My Generation” in 1965 in California.

I’d like to talk about an injustice regarding compilations of Who songs. The song “Dogs, Pt.II” was the flipside of The Seeker, or maybe, “Call Me Lightening” I believe, or it came out about that time. You know that it was mainly a Keith Moon tour de force; I believe it featured one of the best drum solos ever recorded, and sadly, it is not to be found on any compilation. “Dogs Pt. II” not only featured Keith, but the whole band put on an amazing, as well as just plain fun, performance, and it would be a shame if this great song got lost. Could you please arrange for it to be put on the next compilation of Who songs? It deserves….a lot worse songs are featured on my recently acquired “30 Years of Maximum R&B” compilation. It would do Keith and the band as a whole a great favor and justice to see this song available on cd. It really is one of my favorite Who songs, and I have many.

Your fan and friend,


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