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January 15, 2013

Pete Townshend Presents Sailing Dinghies to National Sailing Academy, Antigua


Photo by Kevin Johnson


Legendary Who guitarist Pete Townshend is famous for putting the wind in his mill as he lashes his Fender Strats on stage. He is less well known, however, at least to anyone who hasn’t read his recently published memoir ‘Who I Am’, for the wind he puts into in his sails. In fact, Pete has been an avid yachtsman for many years. It was with great pleasure, therefore, that he presented six brand new Laser Pico sailing dinghies to representatives of Antigua’s National Sailing Academy, which has an active mission to teach Antiguan school children to swim and sail as part of the schools’ curriculum at no cost to the children.


There is also talk of  a charity concert, yet to be confirmed, to be held in Antigua sometime early next year in support of the National Sailing Academy. 


To read the full story on this, go to antiguanice.com.


For more on Pete’s memoir, ‘Who I Am’, click HERE.


The Who are about to embark on the second leg of their sensational North American tour of ‘Quadrophenia and More’.

For tickets, go HERE.






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11 Responses to Pete Townshend Presents Sailing Dinghies to National Sailing Academy, Antigua

PAUL HEALY says: January 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

As a Fly Fishing Instructor I know that Pete teaching young people to sail is the best thing he could do for them. I hope he lives to be 100!

Gina B says: January 20, 2013 at 7:16 am

I’ve been imagining the sails on the water, encircling and moving out, hoping not one is mistaken for no fights to break out.

indeed, I rhymed. I could go on. a happy ending…let’s see, now…

… fights to break out

encircling and moving in, the gift of sails
the gift of sails
the gift of sails


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