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August 15, 2013

Pete Townshend Calmly Ends One Direction Twitter Storm



Hot off the press (in UnCut) is a report on Pete Townshend’s blessing of One Direction and their track “Best Song Ever”.


Click  UNCUT.CO.UK for the full story.


It’s unlikely that die-hard Who fans will consider “Best Song Ever” to be the best song ever, even if it is. Nor, though, is it likely that many will cry or raise an eye at this story. It is, after all, only Tweet Age Wasteland.


Here’s Pete Townshend’s full statement, in which he responds to unsubstantiated claims that The Who have asked for the song to be withdrawn: 


“No! I like the single. I like One Direction. The chords I used and the chords they used are the same three chords we’ve all been using in basic pop music since Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry made it clear that fancy chords don’t mean great music – not always. I’m still writing songs that sound like Baba O’Riley – or I’m trying to!. It’s a part of my life and a part of pop’s lineage. One Direction are in my business, with a million fans, and I’m happy to think they may have been influenced a little bit by The Who. I’m just relieved they’re all not wearing boiler suits and Doc Martens, or Union Jack jackets. The funniest thing is that in Canada this year I met with Randy Bachman once the leader of GUESS WHO who told me that he not only copied Baba O Riley for their hit You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, but he even called his band after us. Why would I not be happy about this kind of tribute?”





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58 Responses to Pete Townshend Calmly Ends One Direction Twitter Storm

Tess says: August 18, 2013 at 10:09 pm

Pete you are my favorite person. I see no reason in hate with the evolution of music. Damn right the are inspired by The Who and The Stones. Great Music never dies. :)

Tracy Shay says: August 18, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Ugh..twits on twitter strike again. Weren’t they just sending nasty threats about someone insulting Taylor Swift for having several boyfriends? Never fear, soon enough, some other blogger trying to pass itself off as a journalist will send them frothing at the mouth with their little undies in a bunch about some other “crisis”

Bob Fricke says: August 18, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Pete, you are still the greatest songwriter/guitar player/smasher, and accompanying singer. Roger stills belts out wonderful vocals that I envy after almost 40 years hearing The Who as a kid in the late 60′s/early 70′s. Love live Rock/WHO..

Chris says: August 18, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Perfect response Pete!
Let’s hope we get together before we get much older! I know you have a few more Baba O’Rileys up your sleeve. Please share with us!
Enjoy the rest of your summer.
One of the 400!
Chris from Boston


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