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February 26, 2013

Pete Townshend 'Who I am': Full 4 part Video Interview





In his acclaimed memoir, WHO I AM (Harper), rock icon Pete Townshend shares the story of his evolution from angry young Mod to one of the defining musicians of his generation.


During his travels in the U.S. these last months, Pete stopped off in notable libraries and book stores in several cities to read from his memoir, be interviewed and sign copies of his book.


Pete kindly gave permission for the video recording of one interview, conducted by musician and songwriter John Wesley Harding (A.K.A author Wesley Stace) at the University of Pennsylvania, to be published.


It’s been serialised in the Huffington Post in four parts.








The Who are just coming to the end of their North American tour of ‘Quadrophenia and More’. They have recently announced the dates of a UK and Ireland tour plus some cities in mainland Europe.


For more information and tickets, CLICK HERE.




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21 Responses to Pete Townshend 'Who I am': Full 4 part Video Interview

Dany says: March 22, 2013 at 12:01 pm

I write from Argentina. We saw The Who in Phoenix, Arizona. And we hope the Spanish translation of the book of Pete. For when? Greetings to All. Dany.

John says: March 9, 2013 at 5:41 am

Excellent book Pete! Glad you where honest! I still think your one of the best guitar players of all time!!!

Andrew Kaprusiak says: February 25, 2013 at 6:10 pm

I sent this letter to the Toronto Sun and put it on my facebook page describing how a reporter completely misrepresented Pete Townshend’s behaviour at the Hamilton show.


I am dismayed at how one of your reporters, Jenny Yuen, completely twisted the facts of the recent Who concert in Hamilton on February the 10th. Yuen made it out that Pete Townshend was an angry monster who told a 7 year old girl at the concert to “f… off”. Nothing is further from the truth. In reality, Pete Townshend displayed his concern for the young girl’s sensibilities in his verbal interaction with the father, Mr. Costello. As well, Pete Townshend showed his concern for the little girl using his own inimitable sense of humour which his fans have known and loved about him for years.

I saw the Who in Montreal, Ottawa as well as Hamilton on this current tour and Hamilton’s was the best show of them all. Pete Townshend’s guitar playing at the Hamilton show was the best of the three shows I had seen. He gave a bravura improvisational performance of “Drowned” which particularly stands out in my memory. Also, Pete Townshend was in a particularly good mood all evening in Hamilton. As a result, he was quite talkative towards the audience, more so than at the previous two concerts I had seen. He was also complimentary, saying that: “Ontario is the best for rock and roll”. To summarize, Pete Townshend was a gentleman all evening.

The incident about the “Smash your guitar Pete” sign arose when Townshend asked the father of the seven-year old girl to put down the sign. He followed up by asking Mr. Costello if he really thought it was a good idea to smash a guitar in front of a young child. (This essential fact I have noticed was completely ignored by your reporter.) Townshend then jokingly added to the father that if he didn’t take down the sign he would have to tell him to…and then he mouthed the words “f… off”, again to the father. It was all served up in the context of Pete Townshend’s mischievous sense of humour and the audience responded to it as such. Pete Townshend was just being facetious. In fact, Pete Townshend carried the joke further at the end of the evening when he teasingly hoisted his guitar by the neck to behind his back (a usual prelude to the demise of one of his guitars). He then gazed mischievously towards the audience, making us wonder if he was actually going to do it, but instead he just sauntered off stage. All good clean rock and roll fun and if anything Pete Townshend displayed the utmost concern for the young girl’s sensibilities by making the father question whether showing a child an adult smashing a musical instrument was really a desirable thing for a parent to request. Thus, what was in actuality Pete Townshend displaying concern for a young girl’s sensibilities became completely twisted, by your reporter, to signify exactly the opposite.

Obviously Ms. Yuen knows absolutely nothing about Pete Townshend and the Who.
Why would the Sun send someone so ignorant of a subject area to cover a story? You must well know that shoddy reporting will surely result from someone who knows nothing of a subject area. Nevertheless, Pete Townshend is no stranger to controversy and the Who partly built their career on it. However, Ms. Yuen’s article goes beyond stirring up controversy and, in fact, is actually quite slanderous. It is patently unfair to insinuate that Mr. Townshend was callous to a child when, in fact his behaviour was exactly the opposite. Therefore, Ms. Yuen should retract her story immediately and apologize to Pete Townshend. Furthermore, she should learn from this not to subvert individuals true intentions to sell newspapers.

roofgiant says: March 3, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Really glad there was an apology and attempt to make amends – Most people are understanding about others screwing up if they have the grace and humility to apologise and make amends afterwards, nice one – honour restored I think and a lot of Who fans happier, myself included – nice one PT. cant wait for the Dublin show in June :)


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