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18 Responses to Nov 3, 2012 – Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Joseph Hayes says: November 4, 2012 at 6:50 pm

A superb show, more than 40 years after I first saw them. The choice of Quadrophenia (magnificently, in full) is a daring one for musicians in their late 60s – Townshend was far enough away from the mod scene what birthed him at 27 to have perspective on fame and post-war life, but young enough to still think he might live forever, regardless of his attempts otherwise, and the four-strong band was playing at its full and manic heights. Now, The Two know this could be their actual, much ballyhooed final tour, but the playing and intensity, at least on this night in Orlando (of all places) was extraordinary. Much impressed by Simon Townshend on guitar and Zak Starkey on drums; nostalgic and weepy from the brilliantly incorporated video of John Entwistle’s killer solo from 2000 and Keith Moon’s performance from 1974 (“Who’s going to sing Bellboy,” I asked. Moonie, that’s who!) Judging by reports from the show in Sunrise, sound is a problem, and whoever was riding the mics last night got some VERY filthy looks from Pete and a few cries of “What are you doing?” from me, but the dimwit who posted on the Orlando Sentinel blog, claiming that Daltry was using recorded backing tracks for his vocals, while not being at the show himself, hasn’t a clue. The boys were amazing, the show was far more than I expected,and drinks afterwards at Rusty Spoon (to add a food note) were perfect.

Bob McPeek says: November 4, 2012 at 6:25 pm

I have seen the Who 9 times, dating back to the 1967 tour with Herman’s Hermits (I was 15) and Woodstock. This is my favorite show by far. I loved every minute, but especially the amazing seamless incorporation of Entwistle and Moon’s recorded performances with the live music. What came across to me is that Pete and Roger really cared about making this tour special for long-times fans… and that these two have come to respect and love one another and their departed bandmates. I felt like this show was just for me and I appreciate the richness the Who have brought to my life.


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