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June 25 – Motorpoint Arena

Fan Reviews:

by Caroline Wragg


The panic set in when I hadn’t got to my seat yet and I heard the start of the set. Having already seen it in London I knew the amazing spectacle I was missing. But once in position I was treated to a feast; the amazing music of Quadrophenia brought again to life.

I’ve seen the Who play Quadrophenia before, but this production is far superior. It really seems to capture the essence of the album. An album which got me through my angst ridden teenage years. You could close your eyes and be engulfed in the music alone, but the video ran brought another level to the production.  Admittedly, this was more obvious in the O2, but it was not lost in the more intimate Motorpoint. When video played homage to Keith Moon, and my favourite bassist; John Entwistle, the audience around me paid their respects.

I can not explain the elation inside me as I heard my favourite songs played so well. Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were as energetic and committed as always, and this spark could be felt in the music. And, for support, they had some very strong musicians. Simon Townshend was fantastic, Pino Palladino; quality (though I thought he stood out more on the encore than on Quadrophenia) and that drummer, Scott Devours; wow! Brilliant and seemingly so happy.

If you have the chance to go see one of the remaining gigs; go. Let nothing stop you. This is an amazing spectacle of real quality. An awesome evening of entertainment. The only thing stopping me going again is lack of funds. I’d gladly sit through a third show.

Thank you, The Who!  



by Matt Crowhurst


At 43 years of age, I never had the opportunity to see The Who perform with Keith Moon on drums but I have seen them on numerous occasions over the last 25 years.

The show at Cardiff was definitely the best I have seen since the bassist of the millennium passed away .  Pino Palledino played those wonderful bass lines with a class that I think John Entwistle would be proud of.

Whenever I have seen The Who live, I am always impressed by Roger Daltrey.  After all, he is  just a singer and has nothing to protect himself with except a small microphone but man, his voice and command of the stage just gets better and better.

Throughout the Quadrophenia part of the set, The Who original members and the rest of the band produced a really tight overall band sound.  Pete really shined on the later tracks, Wont Get Fooled Again, Tea and Theatre and of course Pinball Wizard which was introduced with the characteristic Townshend wit, humour and mischief.

My heart sank a little when I heard before the show that Zak Starkey would not be performing but I was so impressed with Scott Devour’s drumming – very powerful and true to the original recordings.

I imagine that the use of technology to resurrect the sounds, sight and sentiment  of John and Keith was worth the ticket price on its own to many Who fans.

Quadrophenia is justifiably revered to this day and this was perhaps demonstrated by the line of scooters parked outside the venue and the chants of, “We are the mods, we are the mods” within the venue.  A truly memorable show.


 by Stuart Horne

Me and a few of my life long friends attended this gig and from the time that we got the tickets we could not wait for it.

We are second generation Mods, and Pete even commented at the gig after us singing ‘We are the Mods’ with ‘You weren’t even sperm when we started’. Your film got us going with our love of music,fashion,scooters and probably also our attitude.

I really want to thank you for an amazing gig and for living up to our belief that your really are legends.


Stuart, Martin, Dai and Rob

Wipeout Scooter Club


One Response to June 25 – Motorpoint Arena

Paul Needs says: September 7, 2013 at 1:52 am

I didn’t think I’d see this show. I’d fallen and injured my spinal cord at the end of ’12, and could barely walk, but a friend – a very very good friend – took me to the show and looked after me.

I saw Quad in Hyde park, but saving notable absences, this was how it always should have been. My 19th Who show since ’79, and the last – and probably best. Almost perfect.

Thanks for Roger sorting it, and Pete for going along with it. The concert of my life.


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