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June 20 – Metro Radio Arena

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by Helen Daly


My Dad always talks about the time that he first saw The Who in the early seventies. I loved hearing stories of smashing up guitars and throwing microphones in the air while the crowd were going crazy and I always hoped that I would be able to see this band who I loved hearing about from my Dad. So I could hardly believe my luck when I happened to find myself and my Dad sitting in the Metro Radio Arena waiting for The Who to walk on stage and light up the room just like they did when my Dad saw them in the 70s.

It is safe to say that I was not disappointed.

Roger, Pete and the band walked on stage to rapturous applause and cheers before breaking into the Quadrophenia hit ‘The Real Me’. I knew from this very first song, and from the very first line, that this was going to be an amazing night. Roger proved that he still has that timeless rock sound to his voice whilst Pete’s guitar sounded electric. The fantastic visuals behind the band showed both Mod culture and Britain’s political history which integrated perfectly with the soundtrack of the night.

Personal favourites of mine from Quadrophenia had to be ‘5:15’ and ‘Bell Boy’ thanks to the inclusion of John Entwistle and Keith Moon on the screens behind the band. Entwistle’s thunderous bass performance left the arena with mouths wide open at the sheer talent they were witnessing whilst Moon’s charisma was perfectly characterised by his role in ‘Bell Boy’. Both tributes got the responses they truly deserved from the crowd who cheered and applauded the genius and talent that is sadly missed today.

Aside from Quadrophenia, The Who performed a tantalising selection of their greatest hits including fan favourites ‘Baba O’Reily’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ which incited deafening roars from the crowd who sang along to every single word. After the euphoric lyrics and riffs of ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, the majority of the band left the stage until we were left with The Who’s original members. Roger and Pete stood side by side, thanked the audience for coming, and ended with the poignant ‘Tea and Theatre’. ‘We did it all’ seemed like the most fitting lyric of the night, and as Roger and Pete left the stage at the end of the show, I couldn’t help but think that triumphant sense that yes, The Who have done it all and truly deserve their recognition as one of the greatest rock bands in the world.

As I left the arena that night, feeling euphoric, privileged and immensely lucky to have witnessed one of the best rock bands in the world, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that like my Dad, I will be talking about the time that I saw The Who live for years and years to come.



by Billy Bud Stoker

I was at the concert in Newcastle, I have waited over 40yrs to see my heroes, it was beyond my expectations, fantastic, flawless, unbelievable !!

The set was brill, sound was amazing, including Boris & Moon into the set was so emotional & made my night.

Thank you so much Roger, Pete & co, you made me, one VERY happy man.

Fb, Billy spud stoker.

4 Responses to June 20 – Metro Radio Arena

Billy Smith says: December 6, 2013 at 6:55 pm

I went to see The Who at Newcastle with my grandad. We had our Harrington jacket and desert boots on. The tribute band were great but when The Who came on, the sound was fantastic. You always have that man who shouts: ROGER!!! The incredible voice of Roger and the amazing solos of Pete blown us away

rahula armstrong says: August 16, 2013 at 12:43 am

I waited 30 Years to see The Who and it was amazing,the best thing i have ever seen,you have made my life.

Paul Cook says: June 28, 2013 at 12:27 pm

I went to the Metro Arena and was blown away, it was brilliant I have wanted to see the Who for years but never thought that the day would arrive. Daltrey’s voice was great and what can you say about the legend that is Townsend on the guitar. I was grinning all through the concert what a great night.

A big Thanks to the Band I could have died a happy man that night!!!

Bobe Campbell says: June 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

Travelled down from Scotland with my son to see his first who gig.He was blown away with them as i was.They just seem to get better & better every time you see them.Thanks again Pete Rog & the boys for a great night.


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