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June 18 – Motorpoint Arena

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by Tracy Oldroyd


Being a child of the 70′s I was brought up on my dads vinyls, so The Who have a special place in my heart and bring back fond memories.

This past couple of months have been difficult for me as I’ve been suffering from an MS relapse, therefore I attended with my trusty walking stick…..this didn’t stop me dancing from start to finish and forgetting the pain!

The whole show was OUTSTANDING, keep rocking guys you are the best :0)

Tracey x


by Nick Jordan


I’ll start by saying what a fantastic night it was. Vintage Trouble started the night off well but as soon as the first notes of quadrophenia started the noise levels and anticipation went sky high. The sounds filled the arena and it was just a sign of things to come.

Daltrey was awesome with his voice still powerful. Townshend with the bowling style guitar and Scott Devours ripping round the kit.

The highlights of the night for me were the tributes to John Entwistle and Moonie. It made you feel as if they were there in the arena. Daltrey gave the added emotion by singing up at the big screen.

Quite simply it was the best night ever! I have waited a long time for this and it certainly lived up to all of my expectations.

Thanks to the greatest band that ever lived!


 by Rachel McKenzie


Firstly I will start this by saying it is the first review I have ever written, Being a hard to please and contrary person (well that is every ladies’ perogative?) I was totally overwhelmed by the gig at Sheffield. Once again Rogers’ presence on the stage and Pete’s sheer genius lyrics re-ignited both mine and the old mans teenage years (his been slightly more senior than mine), As I was born in 79 I feel I was born in the wrong decade. Those feelings where pushed aside and the old man regressed into the mischievous mod he used to be, Consequences of this were that the over zealous security kept trying to keep us in our seats which just isn’t cricket at a WHO concert they tried and failed.

As soon as the music started the feet were tapping and the goosebumps arrived, It will save me waffling on if I was to sum the full night up in one word it would be “BEWITCHING”. There is a great unity with all members on stage and with the Ox and Moonie making an appearance which was a treat for everyone in the audience. This wasn’t the first time I have been to see THE WHO and again the next morning I woke up beaming but also thinking “Oh Christ what was my dancing like?) And “OH WOW!!! WHO CARES?”  

I would be doing the band a great insult if I failed to mention Simon Townshend  and his “adroitness” throughout the full rendition of the hits of the greatest band ever. This was the same prowess he showed when  he was on the Tommy tour a couple of years back.  Daltrey and  Townshend , Pino Palladino on bass, Simon Townshend on guitar and John Corey, Loren Gold and musical director Frank Simes on keyboards you all have taken part in one of the best memories that I will still be going on about when I am old and decrepit and reliving my youth.  I apologise if the line up is incorrect I was enjoying myself far too much to catch the names on the night. Personally I felt the crowd were a little bit retentive to really let themselves go apart from one guy whom we befriended who had traveled all the way from Mexico and he was astounded and totally buzzing for the fact he was privileged to have been there on the night. Until the next tour hopefully another Live at Hull episode? I am signing off with sheer contentment.

Thanks Guys



by Josh Gill

To read, click HERE


by Bob Hassall

The Who Take Sheffield Again!


The time to The Who  flew by, the lights dimmed, the crowd roared, the “scooter lights” set illuminated with the images, large and small, as the band rolled through the themes of Pete’s seminal work.  The Who raced into “The Real Me” pounding bass lines originated by the much missed John Entwhistle hammered out by Pino Palladino to great effect. 

I’d love to give you, dear reader, chapter & verse for the whole gig, but you know what?  You should have been there!  Pete looking animated and alive, taking on his vocals in confident fashion.  (Dropping pointedly an odd couplet, leaving the crowd to complete the line.)  As a long-standing fan, and having recently read Pete’s autobiography “Who I Am”, I was struck that this was a more confident Pete than for many years, maybe even than ever before.  Set free the music came alive in his presence.  The band tight, the guitars loud enough, the sound well balanced, and as for the vocals?  For a gentleman of advancing years, after a career like his, Roger Daltrey has no right to be able to sing like that!  Smoke-free auditoria may have helped, but this guy looks after what he’s got and he uses it to devastating effect!  The scream, you know the one, in Won’t Get Fooled Again, yes, that one…..he nailed it, just like all the others!  Roger Daltrey we salute you!  Later in the show Pete informed the crowd that this was Roger’s vision of Quadrophenia on stage, I wholeheartedly approve, the crowd approved, we roared our appreciation of the singer and his time having turned it into an audio-visual spectacle of the highest order!

As clips flew by setting the scene for Roger’s visualisation of Pete’s tale of Jimmy’s lot, the band thundered in fine fettle (and in spite of a late drummer substitution, cleverly managed by using Roger’s own drummer.)  Of course the absence of two founder members of the band could have been cause for disappointment, ridicule even, but not here…. Not on this tour!

Both men were clearly visible in the supporting visual footage, and Keith’s eccentric vocals surfaced on Bell Boy, delivered by video from the drum seat, head phones akimbo!  John meanwhile allowed his substitute Pino a break by means of a time warped 5.15 extended solo recorded previously on tour, seamlessly worked into the set it wasn’t like having the guys back there, but it was a hell of a tribute, and we, the crowd roared our appreciation!

Advancing through the opus I suddenly realised that there wasn’t much left, but the musical peak for me has always been “The Rock” and it’s segue to Love Reign O’er Me, and here, The Who, for it was they, did not disappoint!  A thunderous version of The Rock, with images of various violent struggles from the chosen time frame, the music took on the darker malevolence it’s really due, The Who have always been a hard rock band.  To quote fellow hard rockers and Who enthusiasts,  Rush, “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, the more that things change, the more they stay the same!”

Love Reign O’er Me began with cyber rain on the screens and in our ears as the guitar figure built to support Roger’s vocals, the whole place was awash with euphoria, vintage stuff!

The invigorated Pete took the mic, informing us that Sheffield had been one of the early mod strongholds in The Who’s history, before the band picked up with a flurry of songs they can’t leave out!  A high quality back catalogue can be a burden as well as a prize.  Kicking off with “Who Are You”, and following up with Roger’s awesome vocals on “Behind Blue Eyes”, The Who sailed on serenely, supremely.  Pinball Wizard and then Baba O’Reilly, causing the guy next to me to cheer involuntarily as his own personal favourite struck home, left us panting for more, and there was more.

Won’t Get Fooled Again is over-exposed on Planet Rock and it’s like, and even the TV uses it now, but to see it live, in the hands of a group of musicians who originated it, Who know just how it sounds, is a thing of beauty and power, and when Roger nailed that scream, the shivers ran down my spine.  The set completed by our core heroes, Pete and Rog, united at the front of the stage for “Tea & Theatre” a piece of whimsy perhaps, but showcasing the bond these guys share is stronger than for a very long time! 

I don’t know if they will ever tour again, but if they do……I’ll be there!






2 Responses to June 18 – Motorpoint Arena

sheffield says: September 28, 2013 at 5:06 am

I have been to loads of concerts in my time but this particular one was truly one to remember,the band was like a well oiled machine and they made it so nostalgic with the inclusion of keith moon and john entwhistle on video,it made you want to cry,laugh and scream with delight.I have got to say this version of quadrophenia was well worth the wait, fantastic.


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