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November 14, 2012

TOUR DIARY – November 14, 2012



Wow! Roger did such a powerful and passionate presentation yesterday at the National Press Club Luncheon in Washington, DC that it brought tears to my eyes. Much of what he said was as new to me as it was to the audience. For me, Teenage Cancer has always been about raising money through shows and personal donations to buy and run head and body scanners. The emphasis has now shifted.


Two young people I met within minutes of arriving at the event were Sarah Sterner TCA’s first ‘ambassador’, and Hunter Brooks, who is keen to sign up. They both confirmed what Roger was saying. They both had brain tumours, and were brilliantly treated medically speaking and are both on the way to the healthy future. But they each had stories to tell about being treated in paediatric wards (with young children) and how different it could have been had they known each other. Sarah’s funniest story was the fact that one day – for live music – a clown came into the ward and played a ukelele. (That was Eddie Vedder in disguise we think!)


What is clear is that dedicated wards for teenagers from 14 through to 24 or thereabouts should be made available wherever possible. We can’t preach to the USA about its cancer successes. Their statistics are significantly better than ours in the UK. But we now do better caring for our teenagers, and that was Roger’s message last night.


His plea is that the music industry in the USA swings behind this work, doing what we started for Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK with the concerts at the Royal Albert Hall ten years ago. My first donation to Teenage Cancer Trust was in 1996 when Broadway Tommy opened in London to fairly dismissive reviews (read about it in my book, available in all good bookshops, on eBay, Amazon, skips, dumpsters and trashcans all over the world.) Since then Roger has driven the concert series, and raised awareness and money at the same time. He deserves his gong for all this – he is tireless and convincing. I’m glad to be by his side on this.


For those of you coming to the shows, we are in the groove now. Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy Roger’s Quadrophenia spectacle. I’m enjoying standing in front of it wondering what the fuck is going on behind me.


Pete Townshend – November 14th 2012

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24 Responses to TOUR DIARY – November 14, 2012

Jim says: November 15, 2012 at 11:07 pm

Hey Pete – You guys did it justice last night – Hope you saw the review in the Daily News – I also loved your book – Looking forward to MSG!

Jackie Case says: November 15, 2012 at 5:49 pm


I am heading to Boston in a couple of hours to take my 21 year daughter to The Who concert tomorrow night. I have never written to a recording artist before, but this deserves recognizing, especially since you are recognizing someone who has cancer.

The Who were my late husband’s group for all time. He say you in your glory years, and I believe he saw the original Quadraphenia Tour. When we were dating we saw you play at RFK in DC two nights in a row for a reunion tour. We joked about giving our child the middle name of TheWho. My husband passed away six years ago, before we had the chance to take our only child to a Who concert. He died of lung cancer at the age of 53.

We have had a rough couple of years since. She was great during his illness, but about a year or so his passing she began her rebellion. Things are turning around and she is back in college in Boston. When your concert posted on FB, I thought it would be a cool idea to take her to see her father’s favorite all time group.

Call it freaky, meant to be, …..when I looked to see if The Who were playing either in Boston or the Balto/Washington area when she would be on break, much to my surprise you were playing one night in Boston….on my late husband’s birthday…..later I realized it would have been his 60th.

So, tomorrow night, I will be in Boston sharing a moment with my daughter and two of her close friend who stuck by her through the rough times and are very much part of the reason she is back at college.

Additionally, I would like you to know, you were his all time favorite artist….he often made me laugh by striking “windmills” followed by a hugh laugh himself. He thought your lyrics made The Who, who you are. There are two songs that make me think of him…..Behind Blue Eyes, as he played it for me when we first dated (I have blue eyes) and what I believe was his favorite….Love Reign O’er Me. I know these have been in playlist and I will be looking forward to sharing them with my daughter.

Of course, my favorite of all time, was your hallmark, Won’t Get Fooled Again….tomorrow night, please do a windmill for him…as he was one your greatest fans.

Jackie Case

Joe Trester says: November 15, 2012 at 12:38 pm

Just finished your book. Thank you for the memories. We grew up at the same time and your music influenced me greatly. Your musical passion and ability to bare your soul certainly shine through in your work. Thank you for sharing your life with the world .

LyndaGrace says: November 15, 2012 at 3:40 am

haha, your book can be found “everywhere”;). your so funny.

Anyway, Teenage Cancer Trust and Roger’s tireless work is so wonderful. It really is amazing, he has made me aware of the need. (unfortunately)(the need, I mean).

Glad to hear you are in the ‘groove’, I shall be coming to one of the shows here soon. Not soon enough!
I ll be having a view at what’s behind you, but more importantly, I’ll be watching what’s infront of it! Enjoy!

xo Lynda Grace


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