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18 Responses to Summertime

Sonney says: November 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm

And a great read that “Who I Am” turned out to be Mr Townshend, bravo! I feel like I know you better than I know myself now.

I’m thankful that you four The Who lads didn’t give Kit Lambert the proper lynching he deserved back in the 60s, for indeed he screwed you all royally. But because of The Who’s clinched teeth decorum concerning Kit (“…that’s just Kit…”) you carried on to become the most prolific rock ‘n’ roll band ever and most extremely charitable chaps that you and Rodger are today.

An x lady friend is banging on my door now, as I sometimes give her a $20 bill for some good shags past and hoped to be future mercy ones. But I’m telling her to sod-off today and every other day she slums to me in the future, as I’ve got to save money for at least a Mexican Stratocaster now in honor of you dear Sir.

Rock steady Mr Pete, sincerely,
Malcolm “Sonney” McShannon, III

rosemary says: November 7, 2012 at 4:22 pm

would you ever consider putting out a solo album playing your acoustic guitar. i saw a clip of your version of “behind blue eyes” and you gave it new meaning when you sang it. when you are done writing, maybe a new album is in your future.
thank you for sharing your creative genius and lending some of us a voice. God bless you.

Henri Louis Goulet says: October 8, 2012 at 1:29 pm

Yesterday, I ate breakfast during the end of Sunday Morning and the beginning of Face the Nation. That means I caught the interview with Pete Townshend. I just wanted to share these “odds and sods” with you about that interview.

People can you hear me? People can you see me? Can I help to cheer you? Welcome to the interview, I guess you all know why we’re here! His name is Pete Townsend, and he became aware this year, that he can now answer the question “who are you – who, who, who, who?” with the question “Can you see the real me?”

It seemed to me like he could see through the haze for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles! “Do you think it’s alright” that he was “going mobile” to talk about the “miracle cure” that empowered him to say “I’m free,” after suffering from the deaf, dumb, and blind kid syndrome that he inherited from being abandoned by his parents and sent to “Tommy’s Holiday Camp?”

The exodus is here, the happy ones are near, now! It’s clear that we now know what it is like to be the sad man, behind blue eyes. It was clear, “you better you bet,” he “won’t get fooled again.” No! No!

It was also clear that he spoke from the perspective of “my generation,” the generation that clearly rose up to say “we’re not gonna take it.” His decisiveness to let “love reign o’er me” is wondrous and something “I can’t explain.” Albeit, I’d call that a “bargain,” the best I ever had…the best I ever had!!!

Well, I gotta go get my back into my living, again. Don’t cry, don’t raise your eye! But, let’s get together before we get much older! Certainly before we get entwistled in the moon! Roger that, Daltry, for Pete’s sake!

Henri (A.K.A. Pinball Wizard)

P.S. “The kids are alright,” as are the grandkids


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