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June 1, 2011


I am shut away in my home studio at the moment working to restore the demos of Quadrophenia. Bob Pridden is doing surround-sound mixes of selected tracks. Jon Astley is remastering the original vinyl mix, and evaluating his own 1996 remix (the one where you can properly hear Roger’s astonishing vocals). I am sitting in a pile of notes, desk diaries, photos (I took a lot of my own between 1971-1973 when Quadrophenia emerged), original lyrics and writing liner notes.
I am really enjoying this work. Bob’s mixes are mind-blowing. My demos are among the best I’ve ever done, and include some real quirky tracks that didn’t make it onto the final album. I still find studio work strange ñ I have to have the speakers very low in volume, not what I’m used to. This package, due in October if all goes well, is another Live at Leeds and Hull ñ or even another Lifehouse Chronicles ñ in the making. You are going to love it. I hope so, because I am missing this summer sunshine to get it completed on time.
In my recent interview with my friend Simon Garfield for INTELLIGENT LIFE, I professed some difficulty in my interaction with fans as I grow older. What is so wonderful about working on Quadrophenia is that back in 1970, all the way through to the recording in 1973, the primary challenge for me was to tell the story of the Who’s fans and at the same time address the wayward creative needs of the band as individuals and artists. The Who, and Jimmy as a kind of model for one or all of our fans, really had developed a powerful symbiosis that deserved a project like Quadrophenia both to honour the mechanism and address why it started to fail almost a soon as it had begun.
So I am enjoying working with the music, but I’m enjoying writing about it too.
Please don’t make your comments to Pete too long. If you do, they won’t be posted.
Thanks – Ed.


Paul Armstrong says: August 27, 2013 at 4:28 am

Hi Pete,
I just finished your book also…quite a great read. It is right up there with Keith Richards “Life”. I had to go back through all of the Who music I have while reading it. Thank you for sharing! Paul :)

Jamie says: August 26, 2013 at 6:28 pm

WOW – I am infatuated with you Pete Townshend! I am absolutely positive my confession is not at all original or never been read by your bluest of eyes. Ha. I digress – fucking genius you are! I am now obsessed with all things The Who and I’ll tell ya – never really gave the band any thought and only recognized one song – from the television show CSI. More of a Zepplin/Stones classic rock type of gal (only 34 but an old sweet soul so ‘they’ say). My friends purchased me the audio book version of your memoirs and I’m still plowing through but wanted to properly tell some outlet how thus far – I swear you must be my muse and kindred spirit. I can only hope in my wildest of dreams that you will maybe one day come across this and feel much gratification know there are now probably 1 billion and 1 (me) fans now…and how you have re-inspired the artist within. So, with much adieu – THANK YOU!

shaun davison says: August 26, 2013 at 6:19 pm

Just finished the book which thoroughly appreciated. I am writer and am keen to interview Pete about his spiritual views. Google will show a book I have written on the theme. If interested I am over from NZ in October.

graham says: May 5, 2013 at 1:34 pm

hi pete,
have just finished reading your autobiography.i must say,it is the best book i have ever read !.you are so honest about yourself in the book.i only got to see the who once(unfortunetly).still a massive fan tho !.


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